Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marine Parade @ East Coast

it's holiday now. 2 weeks holidays! wee ~ well, normal dance classes resumes as usual. =/ nvm, keep fit keep fit. [ have been keep eating everytime le. ] XD ~

Well, had an BBQ outing with Frances and frens (her classmates). at where? Marine Parade @ East Coast ! 2 days 1 night. guess wat? we never sleep for the whole day. 24 hours awake! -__- we went there at around 5+ afternun, and went back at 9+ the next day.


while waiting for the others at mrt station..

when we reached there, we bought some groceries first. =D i want everything from the supermarket! XD.

on da way to beach!

finally! gosh~ i miss beach man! din go to beach for quite long already. especially during nite time, it's always my dream to go to beach at nite. feel the sea breeze, the waves' cries and the scenery!! =DD and FINALLY! wohoo~

preparing for the BBQ stuffs.

can we see Brunei from here? haha. -__-'''

1, 2, 3.. JUMP! wee ~

around 6+pm..

Frances and I kept wondering. How come Singapore beach dun have seashells de? only rocks and pebbles? so WEIRD. wanna collect seashells also cannot. -.- so, Frances tended to collect those stones, but who knows kena kicked by someone else. XD.

While walking on the beach and enjoying the scenery, we saw this.. =S

a weird creature!! OMG! freaked out ~ Frances said it's a leech, but i dun think so. haha. so DAMN disgusting man. eeww ~ [DAMN, judy, damn. haha. =p ]

when we tried to poke it with a stick, it roared and stretched like this. yuck! u still think this is a leech huh?

seaweed~ prett-ey~

it's just simply b-e-a-u-tiful! in love with beach now. love love~

ME: "Frances, why are there many cargo and ships settling over there and not moving around?"

Frances: " it's because Singapore is also known as entre-port, that's why there are a lot of ships there, doing import and export thingy, plus, it's tax free there, while in Singapore here, everything tax tax tax..."

Yea, everything TAX here. sigh~ with all these taxes I've paid, i think i could buy more clothes le. XD.

Susan was there!

omg! what are they doing? haha. nah.. they just wanted to pull him to the sea~ bull fight. XD.

grab.. grab.. and throw!

i dun wanna swim cuz of the dirty-ness of the sea water, plus, lazy to clean and wash after swim. In fact, to meet my satisfaction of touching sea water, i soaked my feet into it. =p lame~

while waiting for the BBQ food (excuse to escape for not helping. muahaha.) , we rent two bicycles and ride! wee~ fresh air.


sitting on the beach~ chit chat + gathering.

lying on beach! muahaha! watching stars + enjoying sea breeze. enjoying~ how i wish i can live nearby the sea, can walk walk overther every night. yoosh~


ever since long time ago, i always wish that i can go to beach at nite, and now finally come true~ hehe. XD.

vain vain.

it was 4am plus and we were still awake. =/ throughout the midnite, still got people jogging and cycling.

a cup of vodka + Seven up. nice! we were still BBQ-ing and eating. piggies!

what can we do at 5am? sitting down there and chit chat lo~ waiting for time to pass.

6am+. nice!

doggy was here!


finally, bright! everyone was so sleeppy la.

saw many "ye ye" and "nai nai" doing exercise. they are juz that cute!

on the way back. finally! my only phraase at that time : i wanna sleep! i want my bed!

ciaos~ i shall come again next time. wee~

.eyebags doubled. sigh. @.@ ~

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