Friday, June 27, 2008


My bad for keeping you guys wait. . -___-''' ehehe.. Sorry, was kinda busy these few days. Well, i'm juz gonna posts some pics regarding the events i had previously and my confession. =D.

I remembered i promised you guys that i'm gonna post about my trip to esplanade ( to Plaza Singapura @ Dhoby Ghaut --> Clarke Quay --> Esplanade @ City Hall ) rite? so down there are the pics during that day. =D if i'm not wrong, that was few weeks ago, 9th June.

@ Plaza Singapura.

Riverside Point @ Clarke Quay.

hmm.. where shud we go?

HAHA. cool name~ club lai de ba?

i miss u mummy!
daddy: "me le? u dun miss me? bias!!"
me: "haha. ermm. of cuz, i miss u too!" XD.


While we're lepak lepak around, we saw this...

BUNGY JUMP! i wanna sit on it too! and one day i MUST try it!

smokes came out to get ready.. syiok eh~

and there we go! up up and away!! wee~ i wanna try it some day.. XD.

heh heh heh~ XD.

church. i forgot wat name is it already. cuz too long for me to blog liao. haha. my bad. but anyway, it's super nice and beautiful. very classic like.

the swiss hotel. singapore tallest building.. couldnt manage to capture the whole building's view. to high le la.. neck almost patah when capturing. =S

On the way to esplanade, we saw a lots of historical heritages too. then our "tour guide", singaporean friends explained and tell us the history behind. haha.

Singapore flyover flyer!

finally! esplanade da durian! but then sayang the lights on top half half only. if not sure very sui one.
why they didn't want to on the light? save electricity? or the lights rosak le? i was wondering..

beside esplanade..

pheew~ strong wind, cold wind..


opposite view from esplanade. that place is still under construction. casino ba? i think so. hehe.

group photo. ashH! too bright!

morning view. around 6am+.

i love this view. natural and nice!

and this is super damn nice la! like a big city!

finally.. a proper view of durian. nice nice. =D


Last few weeks, we went to chinatown to try out our dance costumes for a performance. after trying, we walked around at chinatown. The place that i went is kinda different from the first time i went there b4, and i just realised that there is another pathway to other part of chinatown. haha. so big.

very "cheena" like.


Food there are quite nice. Can give it a try when u guys go there yea. =)


below are the pictures when having performances..

*mostly are "cheena" type.*

us.. dong dong qiang!

lion is so cute!

us.. in modern-like cheongsam.


all in cheongsam. [ shanghai dance.]

yea yea, laugh all u can. like attending someone's wedding. and i'm so reddish! gosh! =X

modern dance group.. =D


Went to eat sushi at japanese restaurant. know wat? it's only $0.99 per plate! omg.. so cheap la.. escapade in Brunei at least $2.80 per plate le.. haha. but i still miss brunei's escapase sushi!! gosh~ yum yum! i want special carlifornia maki!!!


can u count how many plates are there? .... 30 plates!! such a food-eater. XD.

mango sensation! yum!



now, it's about my class and classmates. hmm.. we're gonna change class every semester, really will miss and "she bu de" them lo. sigh~ as time passes, our friendship grow even closer, and tease at someone together. haha. they are fun to mix and play with.

the rebellion ones.. =X.

see see.. look at wat they did to my elephant when i'm presenting??

poor lil elephaniee~ they juz love my elephant stuff toys.. haha.

and this.. my elephant will automatically climb up to my laptop when i'm having lunch outside. tsk tsk..

and this is the BIG guy! who started with my elephant first. hmpf~ and hey, that's my bags eh! fooling around with my belongings. btw, thanks for being my punching bag in class ah. who ask u to eat and build till that big size. muahaha.


hmm.. i think i'm homesick again.. -__-''' really miss brunei la.. frens and family.. gosh~ whenever i call my parents, they were having family gathering in cousin's house, if not, then eating out together. -.- how i wish i can be there, spending time with them.


when reading frens' blogs, especially when they blogged about their gathering, parties and their life, i really damn miss them. ='( really miss the time we crazy and spent together. juz cant wait to go back to brunei.. sigh~

mummy and cousin.
mummy, u're so pale la. XD.

see, how cute is this lil naughty gal can be? kacau by ppl still can take picc. haha. miss miss!

hmm.. well, gonna end this post with this pic...


i miss u all! ='D

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