Tuesday, October 28, 2008

paranoid ?

Noise Pollution I'm not enjoying my holidays, seriously. I can't even get to enjoy my good sleep every morning. WHY? thanks to the construction at 2nd and 3rd floor la.. >=( hmpf~! it goes like this.. "grrrr grrr.. doong doong.. drrr.. drrr.." from 8am to 6pm!! can you imagine that all of us have been sleeping with that so-called "music" everyday? NOISE POLLUTION! omg.. living like hell~ however, thanks to my piggy-ness, cuz i can't really hear the noise when i sleep.. =p but, i still can hear some noises and they are distracting my sweet dreams. =( oh ya, the washing machine is not working properly now too! hahaha. i sound like an AH-MA complaining here and there.. XD. There is a correction here. Regarding the bacon i mentioned in previous post, adding SUGAR will reduce the saltiness of the bacon rite? Actually, u can just soak it in water before you cook, as adding sugar will make the whole food become very unhealthy.. imagine, lots of lots of sugar + lots of lots of salt = Diabetes + hairs fall! hehe. yeap yeap, thanks to UC's guide. =D
Nowadays, i really don't have inspiration to blog.. deadly susan.. =\ my post is becoming more and more wordy.. =S AH-HA! i, HAS an idea!! XD..
To make my blog more lively, i'll upload some photos and name the theme as " stupidity + lameness + funny" !
caution: Some photos might be "offensive", therefore hope you guys don't mind k. btw, the pictures are very random. XD. enjoy~
the three musketeers.. cheers, with flurry teeth~ =p are u hungry, judy?
Aki, Zhuang Lao Shi!! haha. miss her man.. looks like "zhao cai mao", the cat in front of the counter there. haha. guess who is this?!! hahaha. haou, u really change a lot eh! look more handsome now. =p hope he didn't see this.. =X
always the happy-SengWei.. =) yea, these bunch of crazy asses.. forever crazy.. only lame people will take lame pics. XD. hahaha. had fun!! monkeys!! oh well, everyone has grown up already.. =D yea, we're full of rubbish! =p PIN JIA!! muacks! XD. Mr Lame! miss his lame jokes~ hope he's doing well in indonesia. =) "kao piak?" no evils~! now wat's this? nailing Judy on the wall? hahhaa. O.O! fatty fatty~ hahaha. i just don't know wat is so funny about.. expanded.. shrink! tsk tsk tsk.. stupidity.. no Jenny, dun die! tudung? or snowman? XD this photo looks so obscene.. hahaha.. roar~ =p And lastly, ta ta! =D

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