Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reflections 2008 - MUSE

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Reflections 2008 - MUSE "A showcase of original and innovataive works. With choreography by respected dance-makers Gin, Larry Liu, Kavitha Krishnan, Fathurraman Said, Zaini Muhammad Tahir, Firhana Alsagolff, Louis Ng, several up and coming student choreographers. Come experience who and what act as their Muse, what inspires them!" Date: 12th November 2008, Wednesday Time: 8pm Ticket price: $10 Venue: The Republic Cultural Centre, Theatre
Yeap yeap, there will be a big performance in this upcoming November. the show consists of different types of dances, like Indian dance, Malay dance, social dance, hip hop dance and MODERN DANCE. and i'm IN in one of the dances too, modern dance. =DD so so, for those who wanna come and watch the show, please dun hesitate to buy and book tickets from me k. Tickets are first come first serve basis. So hurry up!

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