Monday, October 20, 2008

random + random

sorry sorry, my blog is dying, again. having UTs recently and have been busy with dance rehearsals. pai seh ah.. =D well, it's gonna be a random post again, rojak. wisdom teeth, food, animal, insect, ulcer, bacteria & germs, pimples!! Yea, my wisdom teeth are growing recently. Please take note of that, is TEETH, not TOOTH k. more than 1..! 2 wisdom teeth are growing at the back of the gum there!! damn pain can! urghh.. it's like, the teeth are pushing towards your gum and force to expose out! ouch~* so i'm having 31 teeth now, 1 more and it will be completely 32! =D lame joke: I'm clever now! why? because i have WISDOM teeth, which can help me in becoming wiser and more clever! wahahha. cold~ Okie, i'm having ulcer ON my GUM too. so unlucky. it's getting bigger and bigger and can form a Singapore map already. =S Other than those, pimples outbreak too!! =( due to my red friend. sigh~ scars are all over the place.. And and, i'm sick too, full of germs and bacteria. Flu infection + cough & flame.. am i growing or wat (18 already weh.. still grow ah?) ? or attractive( beh pai seh!) ? how come everything's aftering me these days? sigh sigh~ And one more nightmare here.. which is, i GAINED weight! seriously, i really gained. about, 4 kg? omg.. i can't believe it. weighed few times to make sure with it, but the fact is still fact, can't change. I FEEL SO FATTY NOW! FOOD FOOD FOOD! i just can't resist the temptation ! i think the more i dance, the higher chance of me getting fat. after dance which ends at 9+ or 10pm, then dinner. u say la, fatty or not? sigh~ to be positive side of getting fat, a proof of living a good life now.. -____-''' no choice, food lover..
huge ice-cream! 2/3 size of your head. fatty! yummy cake! fatty! saw this outside of my unit, moth? big moth! made me think of my home in brunei. cuz this moth always fly into my house at nite, then i'll freak out and shout for help! haha. Hazel, dom's dog! cute, naughty yet intelligent! i always refer her as half a human. damn clever dog she is. she only needs me when she wants me to sayang her tits nia. tsk tsk tsk.. and lastly,
one more week of school to term holidays.. =D wee~!
Was nominated by quite a lot of people, thanks ah! =D
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at the same time, wanted to nominate other people too, but can i just say "I nominate everyone in my blogrolls? too many to list down. =D hehe. oh well, till here. tata ~ =DD like hui zhen said, live life to the fullest, guys!

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Vicky said...

wo hoo....haha.... u can do it xian^^

dancing means clubbing ma?? coolz~ I can see many here in sibu too^^

well, growing fat or wat is not a bad thing at all, in fact, its a good news for u too, since u're enough to be called Skinny~

havent seen the lately u, mind to post some?? haha