Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HOLIDAYS !!! although it's only one week, but better than nothing. =D slept throughout the whole weekends, again. And not to forget, EAT EAT EAT.. well, since i have nothing to do now, i'm gonna introduce you all food! =DD, bacon with bread! 1. First of all, arrange few pieces of bacon on the plate, then add some sugar (because bacon is very salty, therefore you have to add some sugar to neutralize it), pepper, and few drops of sesame oil too. 2. After that, put it in to the toaster and toast it (about 4-5mins, depend on what kind of taste you prefer; crispy or juicy). 3. After toasted, take it out and put it on bread, fold and eat! =D delicious! At the same time, you can dip your bread on the sauce, sure satisfy ! easy and convenient right? try it and confirm you won't regret! =D Oh well, there are dance rehearsals during holiday.. =/ it's not like a holiday week to me anymore.. what to do? sometimes, i just hate it, but i love it too~ i just hate the pre-feelings before dance lesson, it's like "aiyo.. need to dance again, so tired plus lazy also.. sigh!~" you get wat i mean? yea, dunno what am i thinking about.. Should i continue to dance? or give up and do other things (most probably like, work?) ? but i just can't give up.. =S oh well, will see. =) jia you ba~

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