Saturday, March 7, 2009


My blog is dead! HAHA! so dead. =p
My body clock is working abnormally nowadays. I laid down on bed at 2.30am yesterday and I couldn't sleep till 5am++! I was very awake at that time some more. Rolling from left to right, right to left as if the queen size bed was fully occupied by this active worm. =p So, I talked to him on phone till 8.45am and went to sleep after that. Woke up at 10.00am just now to get myself ready and I'm here, cheezbox restaurant meeting Karen for lunch. =) Guess not only my body's working 'cacat-ly', billions of brain cells were killed during the phone call too. Not to forget, eyebags dark circles pimples = complexion sucks! I can't blame or complain too much cause this is my own doing. -____- so suit myself! urgh~ *eh karen the late queen, I'm very hungry now la. =( where are you?*
oh ya ya! I have made it to the Academic Roll of Honour for AY08/09 Semester 2! =DD HAHA, I'm damn happy now! Well, nothing much to be proud of, BUT BUT! I never expect myself to be one of them eh. wee~ although there's nothing I can be rewarded with, but yea, HAPPY still! =D It's enough for me, really. And, I'm glad that my GPA in semester 2 never drop, instead, I actually improved. Haha. shocked! well, guess that I'm lucky though. =p In a way, it also motivates me to work harder in year 2. Have to aim for higher GPA! hope to have no regrets anymore. =\
*yay! karen, you're here! =p eating time! bye everyone. =)*

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