Monday, April 13, 2009

I am cunning.

My blog is dying. There are only 5 people viewing my blog yesterday and it's pathetic. I'm a very random person. I can suddenly pop out things which are irrelevant and that is why this post is here. Yes I am. I know I have a very bad temper and I'm improving (although I'm still.. but at least better a bit la. =p) I'm good at making you feel guilty too. Besides that, I know I'm very straightforward and I like it. lol. Although it might hurt other people's feelings, but at least I manage to convey my message to others. I think that's just my way of communicating with people. Yes, I'm here to complain again. In other words, trying to share with you all too. So that you will know how to treat people better and know what you're doing. But firstly, this applies to everyone k, it's general, not only me. :) So don't feel offended alright. Okay, I shall start now. I seriously hate those who always like to 'pang seh' (in other words, put aeroplane) people when there's an event or occasion. It's not wrong to not go when people invite you, but it is WRONG to not go whereby you've already promised people that you will go and in the end you cannot make it without a valid reason. Because of your sudden decision, you can affect people's mood and plans. Then everything need to be changed again and you might mess everything up. I really feel like shit when this happens to me. At least you can tell me the day before that, but not last minute, as in really LAST MINUTE where everyone prepared already then out of sudden you said you can't go. So, nvm, it doesn't matter if I go alone afterall, cuz you're the one disappointing that person who invited you to go what, not me. Not my problem. As long as I go and fulfill the purpose, I'm done with it. But try to put yourself in that person's shoes, that person, who invited you to her birthday party, and was very eager and happy for you to come, but unfortunately, you disappointed her in the end. Will she feel disappointed and sad?Will you feel good too? After I got mad and made you feel guilty by explaining the above paragraph, then you changed your mind and said you will go. To me, if that was not your intention initially, you might as well just don't go, seriously, don't go. Points will not be taken even though you've changed your mind already. I just don't like it when you feel that you're forced to do. Hate it. Yes means yes, no means no. Just freaking make up your mind dude. Second complain- I hate it when people touch or take my things without my permission. If you want, think whether it's right or not first. OKay, another example again, real life. I washed my laundries yesterday night, and obviously it's still damp this afternoon cuz they are not really exposed to sunlight, it takes around 2 to 3 days to dry. So when I got back this afternoon, I saw my clothes were placed on the sofa in living room. I thought dry already so I went to checked and touched. It was still damp and this freaked me out, always. If you collect the clothes while they are still damp, it will stink and might grow moulds too. and this is a very NO NO to me! I then went to the so-called laundry area to check again, apparently there were new washed clothes(others') hanging on my previous hangers (whatever it calls)! This kind of thing is very common sense one lo, if the clothes haven't dry yet, do not collect it, if dry, then go ahead. But sadly, common sense is rare nowadays. This really pissed me off. I was thinking who the hell is this selfish people go and remove my clothes when it's not dry yet, and yet she hanged her damn damp clothes some more. If my clothes are dry, I don't mind if you take it down, but the fact it's NOT! I thought i could 'close one eye, open one eye' in this matter again and just ignore it. Usually I'll keep quiet and try to compromise with it. But the more I think about it, the more my blood boils! I really couldn't tolerate this stupid common sense thing anymore as they have been piling over time, so there I went knocking everyone's door and asked. I thought it was the china girl's doing. I almost mis-blamed her and almost raised my tone, but it's not her. (if it was her, my blood pressure confirm will rise). However, it was one of my nice vietnamese housemates. Anyway, I didn't feel that angry anymore cuz I've talked out, plus it's her. LOL. okay, I am biased so what, I don't care. I do what I like. =p Anyway, the morale of this is, whenever there is a problem, you have to voice out and try to talk and solve it with whoever. Else, you'll keep on piling it up and you will explode eventually. Just like me. LOL. HAHA! this post is super wordy, hope got people read till the end. =p Actually I have more other stuffs to blog about, but this post is too long already, so will make it to next post alright.
wish to maintain this happy face always! =D
and not face with wrinkles! >=) (winnie, still remember this? it's still with me here, hug to sleep le. =p)

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