Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Walk, jump, mushroom, flower and shoot!

GOOD DAY PEOPLE! I haven't been blogging for 8 days already, cuz I have nothing to blog about. Am addicted to NEW SUPER MARIO BROS ds game currently. I completed (actually it's almost..=p) the worlds and stages already! It's so fun and addictive and I'm speaking mario language now! lol. I even dreamt about the mario game the day before yesterday, seriously. omg. Oh yea, I'm starting to love swimming recently. Learning frog style cuz people said it's the easiest one. Plus, you can always keep your head above the water, breathing oxygen and swim slowly. I personally think that frog's swimmig style can survive longer in water compared to others (if you were to fall into the ocean or sea when the airplane condemns during the trip. CHOI CHOI! touchwood.). I hate it when I need to hold my breathe, lower my head down in the water and swim, then half way have to stop and get up in order to catch a breathe again. And that's the only style I know. Okay, you can say i suck at swimming, cuz I really am. =p and hey, did I tell you that i literally can't swim without goggles? Yes, cuz I feel super insecured when swimming without goggles. I always think that I could drown anytime. However, after learning and experienced it, frog style is the HARDEST to me apparently. and I got very impatient and started to give up. Everytime I swim (frog style), I'll half way change to dog's swimming style in order to save myself for being drown. Apparently, I'm better in dog's swimming style lo. sigh. feel so cacat with my body. Okay, there's a random stuff that i wanna share. Sometimes, I do think that brain can control over heart and vice versa. Scenario 1: Brain controls over heart When you're missing someone badly, be it your mom, dad, bf, gf, friend.. You feel that your heart is tearing apart, you cannot stand it anymore and wish that person can be right beside you at that very moment. However, you can actually keep tell your brain/yourself not to think too much about it, it's only a small matter and then force yourself to switch your concentration to other stuff. Eventually, you really won't think about it anymore. hey, it works okay. And that's what I mean by 'brain overpowers heart'. ps: I'm not thinking about him now, so don't assume blindly. =p Scenario 2: Heart controls over brain Well, sometimes your heart is too strong that you yourself can't even control your thoughts. You know the logic of it but still, you can't be bothered with it and go with your own feelings. You know it is stupid and wrong to do it, but your stupid heart just won't obey your big head. agree? A bit contradicting, but that's my own perception la. I wonder if you guys felt the same way as I do or not. Why not try to test yourself? It might help you when you're suffering from either one of them. Homesick, LDR, missing your loved one which stays only a road difference from you and whatsoever. =) happy trying peeps!

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