Monday, April 20, 2009

Year 2!

Hi, I'm Susan and I'm from Brunei, currently taking diploma in business information systems, nice to meet you. =)
Finally, I'm not a newbie anymore~ =D Well, Today seems like another day of holiday to me though. Class was quite fun, classmates are fun to play with and I'm very impressed that our class is kinda noisy even though it's only the first day! However, it could be bad after some time. TOO NOISY! =p hehe. I wasn't nervous at all though, everything seems very normal to me. wee~ Today's module was about web multimedia. Faci was good and lesson was not bad too. Yeap yeap, overall it was quite okay for today.Looking forward for the following days, which those modules I don't think I'll like it cuz it's about IT! database, programming, java and BLA! gosh~ =\ I'll be living with IT this whole semester, perhaps, the whole year. =S
Ready to school! =DD

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