Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm an IT idiot!

I feel so happy that I have no class on Wednesday! School days are only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So relaxing~ That's why I don't feel like i'm schooling everyday. =p However, I'm seriously an IT noob. Completely starting from the scratch. Today is all about java programming and I can sense that I'm very noisy in class cuz I keep asking questions. Luckily, after close 'contact' with those codes and programs, I made my own so-called program and I felt a sense of achievement! =DD still, can't wait for year 3, BUSINESS! Went to Sakae Sushi for buffet yesterday. =) Really didn't shop for looonngg time already.
LOL. We're beasts!
Yesterday night was rather strange. Super duper uber Strong wind at 11pm+! The trees were shaking and I can hear the loud wind sound "wuuuuuu~~". We all were so excited and stood at the balcony enjoyed the wind. Gosh, i can hardly balance myself when I was trying to take photos. =|
Forehead shown! which I don't like. =p
Oh yea, my today module's faci's name is Sree Kumar. His accent is DAMN strong that not much people can understand him. Somehow it became a joke in class cuz our phrase is always " can you repeat, sir?" lol. "Vat arrree you dovin therre?" "Arree you lookin at my scrreenn?" Guess what race is he. =p Not trying to be mean but I know I am, just wanna be an idiot only. =p

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