Saturday, May 16, 2009

3rd week of May.

Hey people! :) Alright, this time will be a typical proper post with photos and words of mine. Well well welly, I had a nice week overall despite the worst lesson I had few days ago. I can't blame the lessons for being hard but myself. Or shud I give myself an excuse that I have no foundation and therefore a bit slower to catch up? Don't understand the problem, it's alright; tried my very best to find solution and understand it. However, I feel demoralized and depressed when friends explained to me for so many times and I still couldn't get it. Can't help but tears couldn't stop falling. I'm not weak k, just that I'm too stressed and I need to relief. That's just me. Anyway, I really appreciate my classmates' help and they are very lovely and helpful. Thanks a lot! :)
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This is what our class usually do during lesson; mass conversation and talk 'something' about faci and everyone in class. :p
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Grades for problem 3 and 4. Sigh, I wonder how long more I can maintain these grades for the rest of the weeks. Oh well~ lessons are getting harder and harder. =\
Yesterday was the SHEESHA DAY with my year 1 first semester classmates! Haven't seen them for very loong already. Hairs grew, height increased and people changed too! Let the photos do the talking shall we?
darrell and nicholas. the crazy one. and zhang gui behind. the three musketeers. their so called blueberry drinks. it sucks. =X sheesha-ing! he looks like a drug-addict. :p darrell and dester. darrell: "See, i'm not the only one who said u've changed. others too. I think you should reflect now. :p" sheesha. group photo. another one with graffiti behind. dave, darrell, alif, gloria and dhivyah.
Okay, I tried sheesha for the first time in my life. Wasn't really dare to try at first. hmmm.. nothing special to me though. I don't understand why people can be addicted to it. However, it's 7 times worst than a cigarette. It's practically smoking from charcoals, just that there's flavoured water below. So obviously it's bad for health. But I also heard that it's better than smoking a cigarette? cuz the water acts as a filter. No idea. Anyway, I tried new thing! :) And one clarification here: Trying on sheesha doesn't mean that I've turned bad or stray okay. I'm still the same, people~ -_____- Alright, till here then. Tests are coming soon and I need buck up from now on. good luck to those who are having exams right now too! :) HUGS!

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