Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a week?

One after another. I'm feeling so stressful now. So much things to do and I don't know where or which to start first. I'm having 2 weeks holidays now and it does not seem to be a holiday to me. IDIOT. First, eviction from hostel. It's kinda long story so I'll just copy and paste the emails to elaborate more on this issue. This is the email that I sent to Amelia:
Hi Amelia, On behalf of Frances, Gui Ping and myself, I’m here to tell you what happened yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, there was an eviction of 2nd and 3rd year tenants to make room for 1st year students via draw lots; 60 male and female tenants will be evicted. We went there to witness the whole drawing process. UNFORTUNATELY, Gui Ping was being drawn, followed by me then Frances. They said that the first priority is always given to 1st year international students, this I agree. However, we think that 2nd year students should come next, then followed by 3rd year students. I find it is very unfair because 3rd year students have been staying here for more than 2 years, or perhaps 3 years already. Why can’t they evict 3rd year students first? I just can’t understand their system. Furthermore, they said in order to be fair, they have to draw lots. Drawing lots to begin with is already being unfair. Besides that, I think we have better reasons to stay and do not deserve this. We have already built up a strong bond with our housemates and we work perfectly well with them; We pay our rental and utility bills on time, we keep our unit clean all the time and we never break any rules. At least we helped them to ease their burden. Isn’t this good enough than those tenants who give a lot of problems, break rules and have hygienic problems? Amelia, if it’s not too much troubles, we really hope that you could assist us in this matter. Thank you so much! Regards, Susan

Another email sent by Frances:
Hi Amelia, We are sort of doing well, apart from getting our names chosen in the ‘unlucky’ draw for getting evicted from the hostel. Hehe. Coincidentally all three of us were picked out. I believe Susan has also e-mailed you about it on our behalf. We really hope that you can help us, as we are very used to staying here already and are in very good terms with our housemates. We just really want to stay here. We totally do our best to keep the place clean and pay the necessary fees on time. I don’t see why we deserve to be kicked out, moreover due to a draw where all are chances are the same with even the third years who’ve stayed here for so long, or those tenants who cause problems. Anyway, recently we’ve mostly been doing our Project scopes and studying for our UTs so we’re pretty much looking forward for holidays. How about you? But well that was before finding out we have to move out. We kind of dread it now as this holiday is actually the best time to move out and also find possible a place to move into. Not considering that however, we’ve adjusted nicely and enjoy our stay and studies here. My apologies for the excessive complaints. Hehe. Any clues on what the good news might be? =D Regards, Frances

And this is what she replied to us:
Dear Frances, Shu Xian and Gui Ping, I am sorry to know that all the three of you have been the unlucky ones who were picked to leave the hostel. As you may have already know, the year 1 students have priority over the hostel accommodation. Therefore, the year 2 and year 3 students who are picked in a draw lot basis have to leave the hostel and find alternative housing near the campus. This happens every year, same to your seniors who previously stayed at the hostel and who eventually have to move so that you have a hostel room to stay in your Year 1. With regards to how the process and sequence in which students are being drawn out to be evicted from the hostel, the hostel management have the main control over it. Nevertheless, both your concerns over the fairness of the whole system have been highlighted to Mr. Jason Tey, Ms. Christina Chan and Mr. Terence Chong. We are already in discussion of the ways in which we can suggest to the vendor on how to improve on the system. In order not to affect your studies, I would suggest that all of you start looking out for alternative housing near the campus. It will be good if all three of you manage to stay at the same unit again so that you can look out for each other. Time is needed for discussion with vendor and improve the system therefore if there is any improvement, it will not happen so soon. Thank you for all of your feedback. Your feedback is important to us so that we know what is happening to our international students who are staying at the campus housing. Regards, Amelia

So yea, that's why I feel so shitty these few days basically. What I want to say is already in the email. Lazy and tired to talk more about it. I just feel it is very unfair and 'bu gan yan'. All of us don't deserve this shit lo. Well, our housemates and three of us had a tear party the whole night. LOL. I hate this feeling, it feels like the first day I left Brunei for Singapore. Disheartening, sad and disappointed. All of us really had a lot of fun and laughters staying together for more than a year already. We always have girls talk at night, we share and eat together, a lot of nonsense and rubbish stuffs we did and everything. Love them too much to be apart from each other. When our names were being drawn, we were quite hyper and crazy because we know that at least we have companion to stay outside. Nevertheless, Ping Ping cried. Our housemates, Tiffany and Tonie were very angry for us and kept scolding the management people. LOL. Frances and I just then realised that we ARE actually going to move out. I thought I can control and tahan, but we saw Tiff cried, then we really cannot tahan and went up to hostel. There goes the mass tear party. =\ So, what's our plan next?(this is a typical question that everyone asks us, which I find it a bit annoying) Everyone was tired and moodless to do things. After that night, we knew we have to do something after all the sobbing and cursing. haha. Yea, we handed in the appeal form and at the same time, trying to find place to stay. Well, hopefully everything will be FINE and enough of this rubbish. Oh yea, btw, our last day of stay in hostel is 30th June, 2009. I HATE MOVING HOUSE! damn irritating, annoying and tiring. sigh~ pundeh! Second, retake UTs. I had two Understanding Tests last two weeks and I somewhat have confidence in scoring good grades. We took one of the tests on papers because UT system was down at that point of time. I was quite happy because I could answer most of the questions. I usually do not have confidence in IT modules cuz I suck at it. lol. However, till yesterday we received an email and said that we have to retake the tests due to unreliable and serious issues in student's answer. WHAT THE HELL!! Seriously, WHAT THE HELL!!! I thought I've at least settled 2 tests because I'll be having another 2 tests after holidays. BUT WHO KNOWS! 4 tests on 4 consecutive days when school reopens! -________________- Seriously, what a week I had. One after another. Damn suay. Need to: find houses, study for tests, plan for events, do PP project and yada yada yada. How can I relax during holidays? SIGHH!!! I really dunno how to start.. ='( >=( stressed and speechless la, or I shall just go with the flow? Still, DAMN IDIOTIC LA!!

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