Monday, May 11, 2009


I promised myself not to play Restaurant City @ facebook. Friends psycho-ed me to play but I resisted the temptation. However one day, I was too bored that I had nothing to do. Therefore, here I go~ addicted to RC, again. Oh yea, did you guys remember to greet your mom that it was her day yesterday? yeap I did. O=) My weekends, as usual. Went to church and had a good dinner with his family and relatives yesterday, had great talks with his sister and did some stupid and funny stuffs, bitter tears and laughters; oh well, normal life that I'm having right now. "Too much is never enough." I wonder why do humans always ask for more when they already have things that they want? human nature? Humans are just unpredictable and complicated creatures. Sometimes I get fascinated by human's brain, even by myself too. lol. I really wish I could turn back into a baby one more time. Perhaps forever. Don't need to worry about future, the things that you did and going to do. No stress and troubles, just need to think how to get food and toys, that's all. oh well, life ah~ complicated. Peace, everyone! :)

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