Monday, May 4, 2009

Anyong ha se yo!

Didn't blog for 1 week only already complained by few people. lol. There are times that I wanted to blog, but time doesn't allow, then when i'm free to blog, i forgot everything and don't know what to blog already and I'm in this situation now. Nowadays classes are kinda slack cuz we just need to show our codes and so on. Nothing much to do during break time and so I'm here. tada~ :) My classmates said I look like a Korean, some said Indonesian, and some said Chinese from China. -.- Since when I got so many identities? lol. I can transform into different kind of races already. blend in huh. So mixed. I'm becoming more kiasu nowadays, went to library and borrowed books related to my modules. Yeap, it's very thick and I have no idea what they are trying to say. lol. read already still don't understand. -_____- pointless also i think. sigh~ OH yea, are you guys aware of "solar storm 2012"? I think ern had mentioned in his blog before. I wonder if it's true or not. Everyone's talking about it. How about you? Kinda scary though. I think the world is going to end soon. Look at the things happening around you. Economic crisis, serious global warming, then here comes the swine flu ( Influenza A- H1N1). I wonder what's next. =S LOL. My friends and I had a plan for this few days ago. We decided to build submarine, in case this really happen and water level rise up to 40 storeys high, we will be safe as long as we're in the submarine. Then we started to distribute work for everyone, some will go collect metals, some will operate the machine, some sponsor money and so on bla bla. Stuffs continue and continue and suddenly I poked their perfect dream! LOL. Anyway, when it's the time for us to die, we will die eventually. We can't really do anything. God can just snap his finger once and we can die at anytime. So yea. Just have to pray lo.. Well, I can't really think of anything to blog now, my mind is totally blank and hopefully, I didn't miss out anything. :) One more thing, Singapore has one suspected swine flu victim already, and he is...
. . . . . . . A PIG! DAMN UGLY and idiotic! =p I love.. ...Starbucks Caramel Frappucino! =D

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