Saturday, April 19, 2008

Student Life Activities Fiesta [SLA Fiesta] in RP

what is SLA Fiesta? Well, it's something like ECA, activities, clubs in our school. our school had SLA Fiesta from 16th april ~ 18th april, which the students in RP can go around the booths and sign up for the clubs that you want to join. there are soo many clubs and IG [interest group], more than 200 clubs and IG man!! so, if you can think of any clubs, sure you can find that in the exhibition one. Like SPORTS ; basketball, netball, dragon boat, badminton, tennis, table tennis, adventure learning, football, and many many many more. for DANCE ; there are hip hop dance, modern dance, social dance ( latin, salsa and bla bla ), cheerleading. CULTURAL GROUP ; malay cultural group, japanese cultural group, indian cultural group, chinese cultural group, lion and dragon cultural troupe and more. then for MUSIC ; chinese orchestra, rhapsody (A capella), Beats Encore (Percussion Ensemble), Genre (Guitar Ensemble), String Ensemble, Replug ( including piano and all those ), Wind Symphony and many many more. the others are 'in-vogue club' (it's like something about make up, modeling, hairstyling....), international student club (ISC) magic, GAMING IG ( not only play, but they teach you how to design and create game), comedy, drama, studio and bla bla. too many to mention. cant remember.

gosh ~ i sooo wanted to join all man! but then.. time management!! so, i only joined MODERN DANCE, HIP HOP DANCE, INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB and IN-VOGUE CLUB. I want to join NETBALL too (chinese orchestra as well), but then the training time clash with modern dance. so.. yea. =p currently, i'm having modern dance class, twice a week. only the STRETCHING and WARMING part can crack all your bones, build up your muscles ( as in burn your fats and make you have flat abs, make you strong and energetic somemore! ) and sweat like hell.. muahaha! after class, always here pain there pain, got bruises on my knees somemore! =/ after some times, i think i'll be as flexible and bendable as vicky too! XD ~ HAHA. hmm.. those clubs are enough for me at the moment [more than enough, i think ~]. so, we're gonna have auditions for those two dances IG, soon. jia you!!

wow, so wordy up there. hehe. i'll post up some pics during SLA Fiesta down here. [sorry if some pics are shaky and blur] =D ~

during exhibition, booths survey ~

crowded ~ and we stayed quite long at this booth juz to kacau them! haha. coffee's fault of being so hyper.

japanese cultural group. they knelt down and begged us to join. wahaha. NO LA, jk! that's japanese culture thou. XD.

some demonstrations and games during exhibition.

magic ~ we were cheated by him.

dong dong qiang ~

this percussion ensemble IG so cool and nice! love the beats and the way they play!

some performances from respective IG and club. this is modern dance ( or hip hop? forget le. )

Frances got her drawing on hand by one of the students in ART CLUB.

and obviously, a VAIN pic. XD ~ Lala~

Ta ta ~ ]=D !

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