Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry for the late updates. was busy throughout the whole week. really don't have time to update my blog during weekdays, packed. was sick for the whole week. gosh ~ again* Deep voice, i had. =/

daily routine [weekdays] : wake up, bath, eat, school, lunch, school, dance, cook, dinner, clean & wash, bath, do Reflection Journal (something like school assignment and must submit by 11.59pm every weekdays.), then sleep!

by the time we wanted to sleep, it's already 12+am or 1am+. so no time to blog. XD. sorry! so end up blog once a week only. ehehe`~ patient!

throughout the week ~

had a surprise birthday for classmate, Syaz, our class's fire starter.

this is wat the guys in our class always do, CounterStrike freaks. =p

On Friday, 25th april, we had ISC Malaysian Chapter BBQ Gathering. had lots of fun that nite!


BBQ! my throat.. die liao la. HAH!

posers~ wahahha.

some games and performances after the BBQ session.

after the gathering, we all rushed back to do RJ again. =/ mood spoiler ~ >.<

On 26th April, saturday morning, after we sent the tuition grant agreement to our home country @ SINGAPORE POST, we did shopping again, at bugis street! =DD bought clothes and shoes. opps~ XD.

had lunch at Burger King.

drools*! muahaha. sore throat + flu and turned MAN voice le still eat those. d-e-l-i-cious!

later that night, we had party and gathering again! where was that? at someone's house lo. quite close de ISC seniors. hehe. that nite was really fun. OHANA ~ we played, joked around, do stupid things, and sang too!

eeww~ what a fake watermelons-boobs!


chef of da nite!

food! fried ~ my throat.... =/

oo~ shuai ge. XD the ghost stories teller! i'm gonna haunt u down for scaring me the whole nite!

punished with yucky + full of ingredients and "tasty" drink!

playing with cards.

concert concert ~ XD.

had a small gathering in the study room. squeezy yet fuN! full of laughters and craziness that nite! some of them really have good voices la. melted when they sing! haha. we ended at 3am.

it's monday tomoro. sigh~ school again! waiting for another weekend. XD.

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