Thursday, April 3, 2008

" Politics~ ? "

I shud juz keep my mouth shut about JC and polytechnics stuffs. Jasmine, there's a mini mini WAR at my CHATBOX too! U brought this to here huh ~ whack ur butt! Haha =p Aiyo, just like Yii Sian said, all schools are nice, what for do we need to argue? depends on which course u're taking, ur interests, ur ABILITY to study in that school and bla bla lo. Rite? Anyway, the most important thing is make up your own mind and dun get influenced by people's rumours or cow dung. and make sure that u've made the right decision. that's all. =D Stop attacking each other schools', if u never study or learn at that school before, dun judge them and u dun have the right to judge too. =) agree? so, juz be *peace peace* and find research yourself. if not, you go and open a school lo if you're steady enough. XD ~ settled* HAHA! ps: I really super duper hate when people criticize my school. no matter my school is good or bad, i really dun like thou. that's why u can see from my chatbox and Jasmine's chatbox, i was quite rude and angry about the schools "politics". ehehe. paiseh ah ~ XD. Well, cut off the craps up there. hmm.. seems like many people are studying overseas. Jane, Yii Sian, Eng Kee, Collie and Elena are in KL, Seng Wei, Zen Lee, Henry, Sotong, Pui King? and Yung Ping, are in Miri, Ngok lin in Sabah liao? and i'm in Singapore! ( sorry if i missed out anyone, cant really remember who's outta brunei le. =/ ) there will be more people out of brunei too, soon ~ i guess* =p waiting for ya guys ~ Ta ta ~

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