Monday, April 7, 2008

3 days orientation + first day of school.

our school orientation held for 3 days, 2nd april ~ 4th april. really enjoyed these 3 days lo. unique and special. XD ~ met lots of new ppl. weeE ~

1st day of orientation, 9am to 2pm

first day of orientation was okay lo. had something like " demo or trial or mock " lesson in class just to let us get used to it. nothing much happened, met my classmates.

2nd day of orientation, 9am to 4pm

well, on the 2nd day, we separate to our own schools and centres. i'm taking business computing, which is under School of Infocomm (or information? ) Technology in RP. had lots of programs on that day, like school cheers, introduction, talk of the courses and games too like treasure hunt, ice breakers and yada yada. had fun ~ XD.

3rd day of orientation, 9am to 10.30pm!!

this day was the most fun and great day! had games the whole day. and the most exciting is.... We break the Guinness Book of World Records and Singapore Book of Records!!!! muahaha.. u might ask: what record? serious ka? sure or not?

Yea it's true! really really sure! our school, with 1320 students, joined the LEAPFROG EVENT. how do we break the record? well, we hopped over people and smashed the world record for the most number of participants in a leapfrog event. the old record was set by 1,197 leapfroggers in Germany in 2006, i'm bad in describing, so just post up some pics. =) then at nite, we had party in school! something like concert too. bands playing hot songs, DJs twisting or turning and playing with the CDs or machines. [ wat do u call that? i dunno how to describe ] haha. and and, the super shuang part is, we have DISCO!!! wuhoOO~ so long din dance le. everyone danced and sang like crazy! haha. enjoyed a lot!

Some pics of the leapfrog event. =)

news article of the event. small ~

preparing and waiting for the time the break the world record! XD. so many froggies ~ wahaha.

me: hey froggie frances and tiffany, can u show the example of leapfrog?

we were given this bandana.

is this leapfrog also? or leapSPIDER? HAHA! nOOO way!! tiffany, the crazy + funny + blur + brainless [=p] vietnamese girl, wanted me to carry her after climbing stairs. but she's too heavy for me to carry! muahaha XD ~ so end up this post, fall down. opps ~

well, school started today. quite nice lo, not bad. =D juz that toooooo many people in the school. leng luis and shuai ge wor ~ =p my goshh ~ especially during lunch time, full and packed, queue and no seats in foodcourts. RP already has two foodcourts [ lil bigger than CHMS's canteen ] yet there are not enough seats too. fuuU ~ hope the new foodcourts open soon. hehe. i think that's all. ta ta ~ enjoy and have a nice week!

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ah dettez said...

the dj spin spin thingie is called a turntable... hehe