Sunday, April 13, 2008

brand new ~

good news here!! my appeal of the moving room has approved and now i moved to Frances's room already! new room with new house mates! home sweet home~ finally! =D so happy. hehe.

my new room.

my table with bedazzled lappy ~ XD

this, the crazy + blur vietnamese girl. my goshh~ she's so curious with everything and full of questions in her mind. sometimes, we stressed because of her! XD ~ her brain is really pure and innocent. hmm. must pollute her after sometimes. wahaha. =p she's juz like second Vicky, my classmate in CHMS, brunei who went to malaysia already. miss uu ~

And, proudly present....

my new handphone, sony ericsson K850i ! with new number too. so, for those who wanna update with my new number, contact me at msn,, or tag me at chatbox, will find ways to give u. OR, u can message to my old number, +6590945016 to ask for it. hehe. =D i'm no longer using my old number already, so update urself yea!


Dennis said...

wah Xian, so lucky ah you. haha

Kaiping113 said...

hey, same fon as yc, haha n that vietnamese gal looks blur enuf HAHA