Thursday, November 20, 2008

His Highness Purple Yeap yeap, MUSE has finally ended. From LET'S GO CRAZY to PURPLE RAIN to KISS and finally WHEN DOVES CRY. We shone on stage! Short introduction of our dance, His Highness Purple. His purple highness pays tribute to the unpredictable, highly controversial and self-endulgent musician who sculptures and created the Minneapolis sound through his livewire keyboards, heavy drumbeats and screeching almost pleading vocals. While his musics covers a broad range of styles- from acoustic to rock to R&B, it is his enigmatic almost mystical stage persona, a peculiar combination of ambisexual erotism and self-mythologizing that elevated him to an almost legendary status. Four of his ironic songs; the mad and extreme 'Let's Go Crazy', the transcendent, Grammy-award 'Purple Rain', the deliciously sexy 'Kiss' and the furiously innovative and fearlessly confessional 'When Doves Cry', are explored here to underscore the brilliance of the little man we know as Prince Rogers Nelson. Rehearsal day: His Highness Purple watching video, panicking if any mistakes or not. =p hairdresser~ haha. big fat thigh.. The Real Day: preparation... here we go~ sexy ladey~ i just love the dressing room.. =D purple~ Yeap, it's all about purple, black and silver~ I bet Grace loves this post. haha. I got my costumes with shiny 'boobs' in front. =p haha. everything's back to normal, no more late class and rehearsals. wee~ and less stress too. =D oh ya, about the video, i'll try to get and upload it asap. =) ciao~

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Vicky said...

nice Nice NICE!!!!!!! shu xian still as pretty as before, oh my goodness!!!!!!!! pretty~