Thursday, November 27, 2008

*quick update here..
There will be another performance again, which is TONIGHT. wee~ after the performance (Flame Awards), we will be having dinner, then PARTY ~ It's a celebration for the successful events held during the past few weeks. Hope all of us will enjoy it! =) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
On the other hand, I think I'm losing my passion in dance (or this modern dance IG?) already. I was wondering if I should quit modern dance or not. I don't like to go for dance when there are people who try to show attitude to us. like wat the heck la. I just cannot stand those kind of people. And i freaking hate responsibilities! especially in organizing things. As I was nominated as one of the next committee members, therefore they are starting to give me tasks to do. for instance, organize a christmas party. -_____- I feel so reluctant to be one of the committee members already and now she ask me to organize this some more, with a "good" attitude. -________- I cannot tahan: - stress - too much responsibilities which will affect my time for other stuffs too - people showing bad attitude - stress during dance class I CANNOT!! I seriously don't know what to do now. to quit or not to quit? but when? how? please give some comments? be it at the tagbox, or post-a-comment there.

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