Monday, November 10, 2008


Went to town last weekend, Orchard and Bugis. It has been so long since I have gone shopping. I think about 1 to 2 months already. long huh. Some of you guys might think this is impossible for me not to shop every week or every month. But it happens k! =DD muahaha. feel so proud of myself! XD. well, the purpose of going town last weekend is to search for dance costumes. My devil and greedy horns came out again went I was shopping yesterday. It's hard to resist the temptation know! greedy eyes' fault! feel like buying the whole shops! haha. But at least my costumes are complete after a long walk. -___- While walking at the roadside beside Raffles City, we saw a big piece of art on the building..
seems normal or typical rite? colourful drawing of a person. but once we went in to the blue and red translucent box..
blue box- it's a MAN in sorrow, perhaps, 2 men..
red box- now, GIRL in sorrow in red box. Amazing rite? very creative. impressed. =D
Yeap yeap, Wednesday is the day of performance! it's time to show ! finally.. After few months of torturing classes and rehearsals, gosh! My feet have became PIG FEET already, with cacat toes and full of corns too! eww! ugly feet i have! =( have been busy with test every week too, other than dance. Yes, I enjoy dancing, but sometimes i do lost my passion for dance too, due to some reasons. For instance, responsibility. I love dance, doesn't mean that I love responsibilities too. I join dance to dance, but not to take in charge of bla bla bla. I do not wish to have any extra burdens which is not related to me. Those responsibilities make me don't feel like going to dance anymore. I love dance, doesn't mean that I like to be forced to dance. Like, control and restrict my time for the sake of dance. double NO. Oh well, I still love to dance anyway. I do enjoy when I dance with music and people, especially on stage. It is an honor to dance on stage, indeed. A great opportunity to show and express yourself to everyone. cheers for that! =D There are so much to say about it but I'm just suck at expressing and describing through words. You understand, I understand, can already. haha. =D Well, gonna take load and load of photos on Wednesday! wee~ can't wait! Oh ya, there are few people coming to Singapore, very soon. Karen Foong, Kar Yee and Grace Wong! Gonna meet them up during weekends. =DD packed schedule, exhausted yet love it. XD

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