Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am complicated

HAHAHAHA! I just had a cat fight with my bro! He ended up with scratches and scars on his body and I'm totally under good condition! description: A long scratch with blood at his back, accompanied with small scratches beside, and 3 hard scratches on his arms! muahahha! To clarify, the injury at his back wasn't caused by me. It was the door which he tried to use that to defend and aattack me when i was chasing him. He accidentally knocked on it and boom! Regarding the scars on his arms, according to him, it was done by me. =p See, this is his retribution for disturbing me when I was doing something. =p huh! *good for you bro!* I'm so gonna leave more scars on his body so that he will miss me when I go back! lala~ ----------- Brunei's weather is rather hot, compared to Singapore. Seriously, I cannot tahan the heat even if I'm just sitting in my living room. What to say again if I'm outside. I can feel the UV lights directly attack my skin and eyes! No wonder I'm getting dark nowadays. I specially hate it when I'm done with everything, bathed, cleaned, put on make up and ready to go out and my sweat glands start to become active when I just leave my room only. Can you imagine how hot the weather is? However, when it rains, as if the sky is leaking, downpours like cats and dogs. so exaggerating la! haha. I wonder when will the earth ends.. =\ Oh well, I'm having mixed feelings right now. feel sad and excited at the same time? Time flies and I'm going back real soon. To be frank, I love my life in Brunei now though. Care-free and slow. Eat, sleep, online, watch dramas and movies, hang out and do nothing; I actually enjoy it. That's why sometimes when people asked me whether I'm bored or not, I don't really think so. =) 2 months already and I'm so used to the lifestyle here now; Being pampered and everything. When I get back, have to start stressing myself out again. =\ sigh~ Three words, I AM COMPLICATED!

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