Thursday, March 12, 2009


Recently, I have craving for food. Whatever kind of food that my mind could think of, I want it immediately. Cucur pisang, fried chicken, prawn crackers, mee goreng, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, maggie mee, chocolates, cakes, pizza and many many more! My tummy growls anytime it wants. For instance, today, I had my lunch at 3pm+, then I went on to have my dinner at 6pm+, after that, I had a small packet of nasi lemak at 9pm+! It's 2am+ going to 3am now, and my tummy tells me that I'm am still hungry! what a big appetite I have! what the heck~ Besides that, I always feel dizzy and wobbly when I just wake up, or even stand up after sitting for quite long, my vision will suddenly black out for 2 or 3 seconds and feel like falling down. =S No no, I'm not pregnant, people. =) duh! haha. I'm having a same case as PinJia's having now: MENSTRUATION! =p Guess we have telepathy connection! =D haha. Just like what she said, we can never be full eventhough ate a lot of stuffs already. =S However, I'm different from her, I still love food though. I just can't resist them when I see them. (who can, right?) Okay okay, I have put on weights, again. Sigh~ Sometimes, how I wish I could be the one who doesn't even care about her appearance and weight, just eat and live happily as she wishes. BUT! too bad I can't! Just blame myself for being so superficial and vain. -______- Anyway, I used to be fat when I was in secondary school and slimed down, so means that I can be fat and slim down again lo. It's just a matter of time anyway. =\ So, I can eat happily whenever i want! muahaha. FOOD! come to momma! ps: Exactly one more week left in Brunei. =S

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