Monday, March 30, 2009

Your fart is damn smelly!

Have been staring at the screen for few minutes and don't know how to start my post. -________- I feel like chopping my tongue off because of the stupid ulcer! I never got the real ulcer on tongue before except for the extra-popping-out-flesh's ulcer.
Okay, you can find myself very lame to draw it out some more, but back to the point. Can you see something extra popping out from the tongue there? it hurts when you touch it. yea, that's the ulcer that I usually got on tongue.
But now, what I have on my tongue is a drilled-hole-ulcer, which usually happens on lips and inner mouth only (for my case), never on tongue. It's very inconvenient for me to eat and drink. I have to slow down and can't taste the food properly. Imagine literally chomping your food like a turtle, nyumm...... nyumm..... nyumm.... one chomp in 2 seconds. gahh~ and I have to brush my teeth gently too! So suffering. Now that part of my tongue swollen, and the hole is getting deeper. as if bacterias keep drilling down and down. =( I'm not gonna put salt on it mind you. That will give me hell! Even though I just need to tolerate for 5 seconds only and it will be cured the next day, but i rather choose less-pain and wait for few more days to be cured. That's just me, cuz I can't tahan pain. =p Anyway, my day was great yesterday, went to church, had a great dinner and swam. =D 3 more weeks to school reopen and I think I should make use of these holidays as well. =)
this was taken when I was on the way to Miri that day, around Seria there. Nice weather. Hope everyday will always be a beautiful and peace day. Oh yea, heard that school reopen already right, Brunei people? Jia you and all the best k! =D
Hazel. This dog surely know how to express her feelings very well. Look at the eyes, how can you not sayang her when she looks at you?
That's all people. Have a nice week and enjoy! =D
XOXO, Susan

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