Monday, September 22, 2008

September rocks!

quick update here. 20th, September 2008 Yii Sian and Eng Kee came to Singapore on Wednesday, but only got to meet them on Saturday only. =p Sorry guys. XD. went to city hall then to Bugis and back to City Hall again. Photos down! =D
to suntec city.
here they are! first comment from them when i met them was... "Waa Susan.. So chubby eh! " Me: -____- yes i know. =p Then, we went to Fish & Co. restaurant to have lunch. Suddenly, i was shocked.... they had a surprise advance birthday cake for me! OMG! =DD so sweet of them la. yii sian cheated me out of the restaurant and we discussed which is supposed-to-be serious thingy. guess that i'm too gullible to trust them le. =S =)
that restaurant's tradition is to have the birthday person to stand on the tall chair and they will sing their very own special birthday song. but, i refused to stand on the chair, so just sit on it. =) still got fire sparkles some more. =) wee~ happy advanced birthday susan! food that i ordered. =p The Fountain of Wealth. we went around it and I"M GONNA BE RICH SOON! HAHAHA. siao~ =p the three musketeers~ while walking at the suntec city, we saw this little boy keep running with WII. so cute la. haha. he even run, as in real run! i think WII can help people keep to diet. especially for old people, is a good exercise for them to move their body, at least they wont just sit down there and do nothing. =p TIMBER~ ! colourful mountain. After that, we went to Singapore Flyer! we ended up walking for quite long to Singapore Flyer there. this is a part of the track that Formula 1 will pass by. it's getting nearer~ finally! damn big! at first, i tot the ferris wheel will stop whenever there's a passenger need to get into the box or container thingy(?), but actually it's not. jus that it travels round and round with very slow speed, non-stop. then when u wanna go into it, you have to catch up ! btw, it takes half and hour to travel one whole round. =) woo~ colourful! vained and took lot of photos pf the view too. some of the views that i took down here.. "Ladies and gentlemen, you have reached the maximum altitude, you are on top of the world!" i was like, isn't it the building beside us is taller and higher than where we are rite now? on top of the world? hmm.. blurred. maybe parallax error then. =p pwettaye! .bridgestone. in mrt station. three emo loners. XD. this is what Fish & Co restaurant gave to me. greetings and polaroid photo. cool man! singapore flyer ticket. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 18th, september 2008 maria, my classmate's birthday on that day. we ordered pizza. yummy yummy! =p my fellow classmates. =) ------------------------------------------------------------------ oh well, it's 22nd september today, and tomorrow is the day! WEE~ i'm so gonna be legal soon! LEGALLY SUSAN! feel so old.. -________- wee~ i can drive too! but i'm in sg now, pointless for getting a driving license too. anyway, it not a big deal though. =p lalala~ till here. will update soon k. =) till here. hugs!

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