Saturday, September 27, 2008


23rd... 2nd birthday cake... =)
these sweet housemates celebrated with me at 12.00am, 23rd september. really had fun during that nite, all of us laughed our asses off man.. tummy became so hard and flooded with tears.. =D tiffany (bottom right) was our spot light that nite, even though it's not her birthday. love them! 20 chatters and greetings in msn. received calls too. thanks a lot guys! =D
Beloved Frances and ping ping bought me Stuffs from The Face Shop. guess wat are those? they bought me lotions for foot and heel because my feet are rough and hard due to dance training [ how sweet...] , and compact powder, mascara and hand lotions too. =DDD received letter from Tiffany. click on the pic to read more. =p suuwweet~ Later that night.... preparing for birthday dinner.. =p with these frens @ Pariss International Seafood Buffet Restaurant... xoxo.. they are just too crazy... -_____- 3rd so-called birthday cake..! made up of small pieces of cakes and formed a big cake. =) thanks guys for the presents and greetings. =) appreciate it a lot! =D wee~ and i'm officially 18!!

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