Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I don't know if i'm addicted or not. I don't really like coffee. BUT.. i need it everyday to boost up my energy, to be active and keep me awake throughout the day. is this ADDICTED? i wonder. OMG! sooner or later i can't live without coffee anymore! and i don't wanna be a caffeiholic! =( sigh~ is there any drink or food that can keep human awake and do not contain caffeine?
Ahhh.. i know.. RED BULL! but, what i heard from is that, once you drink Red Bull, you will get hyperactive and so-called "psycho" (to me) at that very moment. Then after a few hours, you'll be extremely exhausted as all your energy are being used up. crazy la, i can't even survive again after that !
super active at the beginning, like mad cow. after that, still the same mad cow. then few hours later, BOOM! dead cow~ XD.
This Red Bull, recommended by my Mad Bull. Well, it's nice though. Carbonated but not that sweet compared to typical Red Bull drink. can give it a try~ =D
Oh well, sometimes i just find old people are cute. Cute as in naive, innocent, loving, playful and naughty. They are just like small kids in a way. There is a say, " it is a TREASURE of having elderly people ( parents, grandparents) at home. " yes, i do agree with that. =) Try to recall of what your grandparents have done for you. They cooked for you, gave you money when you asked from them, sayang you, tell you abt their histories and so on and so forth. How nice could that be? sigh~ hmm.. somehow, i never get to have that much chance of spending time with them as we live far apart. and we didnt even communicate much too. When my grandma passed away, i just realised that and regret for not appreciating the moment when i was with her. So, a piece of advice here, please treasure your time and appreciate of what and who you have right now. Don't wait till you regret! =D omg.. so worddie. well, gonna end the post with this...
there's a friend of mine, said this actress looks like me. from a china movie /drama called 鹿鼎记 ( lu ding ji). but i don't think so, totally different la can? HAHAHA. so funny. Okay, that's all for today. got to go to sleep now! it's 2.21 am already. XD. nite nite! sweet dreams and hugs!
btw, yii sian and eng kee coming to Singapore today! gonna meet them up soon. wee~ =D

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Vicky said...

xian^^... haha, me this few days also drink coffee ler, like forcing myself to drink, so bitter T.T~ but really worked on me o, can't sleep for whole night~.~ haha

the girl lu di jing really look like u o.... O.O...