Sunday, September 14, 2008

First of all,
Actually, I don't really have this kind of practice of celebrating mooncake festival though. Instead, we just cut mooncakes and so-called gathering dinner at relatives' house as usual (in Brunei). Unfortunately, this is my first time for not being there with them. -____- Oh well, what to do. but managed to eat out with frens though.
at New York New York. the gang.. and few girls beside me. COTTON CANDY! when we knew that the cotton candy is free, we ordered 6 (as we got 6 persons here, as if never eat it before! AHHA!), and at the same time, our meals came too. we're like holding the cotton candy and looking at our dishes. dunno which one to eat first. HAHA. my cotton candy and carbonara with mushroom and bacon! yum yum! Yesterday, Saturday nite. joey, gui ping, dom and i went to Sakae Sushi! =DD .SAKAE SUSHI. toot toot train~ but i see no train. =p the sushi were very nice. I MISS SUSHI! but still, i miss brunei's excapade sushi too! yum yum! and NO WAY to pea sushi k. HAHA. u know who u are~ XD.
Oh well, nothing much to blog about though. School days are just like usual. and modern dance too. in return, i had a lot of "fifty cents" on my knees and legs. -_____- gonna be involved in next big performance again. WEEHEE~! So, think that's all for today. will try to blog soon alright. off to sleep now. ta ta~ hugs! yikess! it's monday again tomoro. -______- weekdays.. sigh~ XD 9 more days to go.. XD!

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