Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Monday again...

Thanks to Hari Raya and we're gonna have one day public holiday on Wednesday. At the same time, since Tuesday 30th Sept, which is tomorrow is a non-school day, so we're gonna have holidays for 2 days in a row! wee~ actually i can self-declare today as a holiday too, so that there will be no classes for 5 days.. but.. nah.. wanna be a good gal.. so it's better to go to school la. that's all. hahaha!
Saturday and Sunday no classes, Monday got class (today), Tuesday and Wednesday no classes! off and on and off! syiok! Heaven ~ and this week is gonna be short. wuhoo~ time really flies damn fast man.. O.O Random pics.. Last weekend was our mask day. smile~* eh, no no..! cannot smile when u do face mask, if not you will get wrinkles on ur face! stiff and moodless.. cuz cannot smile wad.. yea la yea la. high forehead and wide face la. picturing "luo han fish?" >=( we juz cant stop laughing when we look at each other. laughed like zombie.. imagine that u cant do big reaction as your face is stiff and tight, then u laugh like hell without any emotions or lips moving. "e he he he he hu hu hu hu...." ZOMBIE! made me think of the cartoon network's show.. you guys still remember "THE MASK" with green mask one? spin few rounds then he will have a mask on his face! ----------------------------------- thanks to this Ice Blended Mocha, it keeps me awake for the whole day. =) it's tasty! Lastly, SAY NO TO SMOKING!! and to bloody PEA too!! ta ta~

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