Sunday, September 7, 2008


Again, sorry for keeping you guys wait and get bored with the same post. School just reopened and, as usual, i will not have time to blog during weekdays anymore, only weekends. unless i slack during class? well, will see~ XD. So, i'll just summarize up what i've done this week, i mean last week. =D school reopened, new class , new classmates and new facilitators too! Overall, it was okay though, not bad. But i dare not to say for the rest of the semester la! haha. Well, time can shows what kind of person you are. agree? anyway, still, i miss my old class and facilitators la! =( i bet everyone does too. Meanwhile, i'll just post up some photos of what i've done throughout the week. =)
The day before school reopens, i went out with frens to have seafood dinner at Serangoon's don't-know-what-name foodcourt. =) delicious~ what we did during that nite is all about FOOD!
Seafood! sugar cane drink. the glass is super super big can!! almost 1 litre of size, i think. but i managed to finish it! PIG! no choice, to replace insufficient of water in my body. =S mango beancurd! YUM YUM! After that, we went to Ang Mo Kio Hub, walked around. then.... food again! HAHA. this time is durian. super nice! what i heard from friends is that, everyday, there will be a lot of people queuing there to buy its durian kuih(?) or durian pancake(?) , dunno what is the name for that. this is how they make. drools* my mom sure will like it very much ! filled with durian! this pic was taken when we went to a performance by a filipino pianist. damn good can.. she played very well, but too bad, i fall aslept during half way. haha. was too tired. =D a surprise bday for a fren in modern dance. =D
And.. went to mod's grandparents' place to celebrate his grandpa's bday yesterday. =D oh well, think that's all. will try my best to blog on time k. sorry! hugs. till here! and it's SEPTEMBER!! MUAHAHAHA! XD. here's a video for u all. super nice. it's about "British got talent", by Connie Talbot, a 6 years old girl. impressive! Her audition in "british got talent".. and another one. =D enjoy! you can check out more about her by viewing her other videos in youtube. =D and her website, =D

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