Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The last week of November..

First of all, thanks to those who gave me opinions about my previous post. and i have made my decision, finally. I HAVE QUITTED! =D no more dance classes from now on. I think i need a break and relax. after cooling down, I might join back again next year. Hope there is no problem for me again. =) and now, I might want to find a part time job to earn some $$, extra living expenses. Things that happened last week: Thursday night, the Flame Awards and party was a blast! After the performance, We had our sucky buffet dinner and party! The party was like so-called clubbing, but only within the IGs members only. disco-ed and danced in a big studio and Black Box. Didn't take much photos because it was dark and too many people there. Btw, the theme for that night was "Masquerade". had fun !
no changes on our costumes as we were performing the same dance, just that added mask. well, this photo proves that i became chubby! -___-
modern dancers.. masquerade. Party @ RP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guess where was I on Saturday? Yeap yeap, I went to Sentosa Beach! =DD us~ =) sherman, what are you trying to do? Siloso Beach - Sure it was a good day boy, hot and sunny ! prettaye..
Siloso beach... yeap, we played captain ball. they swam, I didn't, if not, the sea will be a BLOODY mess. get the meaning behind it? =p Sherman and Denise...
flip flops~ poor him. buried by us! six packs, boobs and a lil bro! =p i see a huge mountain~ somehow, it's really hard to find seashells in singapore beach. gosh.. i dug so much and i only found this. act strong huh. can i step on it? =p the end ! =) ps: I'm starting to use Facebook now, even though I'm slow. [ i AM slow.. ] haha. and i'm obssessed with it! gosh. dun feel like blogging anymore and just drown myself in facebook world. XD. so little time yet so many things to do.. sigh~ a lot of things happening this week. Jia and Grace is in Singapore now, gonna meet them up! wee.. and jia might be staying over at my place. =DD This weekend, there will be a prom nite in my school and I'm gonna perform a dance. which mean, i have only 5 days left to practice ! gosh! everything is in a rush.. -_____- ahhh! i feel like shutting down myself.. leave everything aside and SHUT DOWN ! in a way, it is good to be isolated. XD.

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