Sunday, December 28, 2008

Movie movie movies !!

The movie was DAMN good, I rate it 5 STARS! *thumbs up!* Yes, it's 'IP MAN' ! i'm sure my dad will love it like mad. Just like what Winnie had said, many people pronounced it wrongly. The funniest lame name that I heard from the retard was, " I.P Zone".. the store where it sells clothes. HAHA! hilarious~ Anyway, it's a MUST MUST show to watch. not good, money back~! Highly recommended. HAHA. I wonder whether people will hate Japanese or not after watching this movie.. Well, there are a lot of movies to catch up too. AHHH!! money flies~ I wanna watch: TWILIGHT- which came out long time ago and everyone has watched it already, YES MAN - sure it's a damn funny movie, BEDTIME STORIES - must be a hilarious movie too. THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - no idea about this but the trailer is nice. =)
I WANT TO WATCH! how nice if i own a cinema, can enjoy free popcorns, drinks and movie! Syiokadility!!

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