Thursday, December 18, 2008

super random

i'm bored now.. bored to death.. i'm so bored that i even go and find online games to play.. which is so not me! guess it's not good to have holidays too in a way.. oh well, i'll just post up some random photos to keep my blog alive. =) please do tag yea. btw, about the secret pal @ RP, i'll just post few photos which i have with me now. If you're really keen to watch the dance ("Nobody") video, check it out at my facebook [ which is not nice apparently; just a hit-and-run dance performance ] . for those who doesn't have facebook and wish to watch, just tag me to upload it on youtube k. thanks. =)
APril and tiffany.. lovely housemates.. tiffany the white and susan the black..
I dunno what's wrong with my phone camera, the photo just turned out to be like this.. haha. frances and i~ the retard..! jia and i~ damn.. blur.. finally, secret pal 2008 has come to the end ! ---------------------------------------------------------- I'm food obsessed currently. my mouth non stop chewing and eating! guess this is one of the ways to kill time though. however, i've put on weight apparently.. sigh~ sometimes, i just can be bothered. anyway, FOOD ROCKS! now, some photos abt food that i've taken past few weeks. this photo was taken at Ichiban Sushi, celebrated Frances's birthday. The food is nice. Especially the bento set, guarantee you will be full if you order this ! this is what they called 'sorbet'. look like real fruit huh.. Anyway, the flesh is actually filled with some kind of ice-cream, which is actually the same flavour of the fruit. yum! and this, PRAWN MEE which you can find at Yishun Block 921 ( if i'm not wrong. or 912? ) Anyway, it's damn nice ! it's a must to try ! thumbs up for this ! =D and more and more and more! there are dishes like frog leg porridge @ Ang Mo Kio (foodcourt S11), ice cream like ben and jerry and haagen daz.. OMG!! i feel so guilty now!! sinful of eating soo much! =S ---------------------------------------------------------------------- alright, up next... FISH SPA!! guess it's at where? our school! it's $3 for 10mins, but we enjoyed more than that. =p well, it's organised by our school's 'diploma of intergrated events management' students. quite a great idea of having this though. felt ticklish at first when i put my feets in.. after that.. 'ahh~ syiok~' like tiny massage by those cute fish.. some of the girls who were at the spa, were screaming out of nowhere.. as if the fish gonna eat all their toes up! haha. hilarious! the guy beside me has more fish than i do.. i was thinking, is it because his feet are dirtier, and that's why more fish are needed to clear off the dead skins and germs? HAHA. okay, another random one.. a photo of which we're asked to take with our drawing for judy's present.. Me, with the letter 'H'. yea, eyebags eyebags.. "sleep early la xian.. eyebags duo duo.. " by Pin Jia. HAHA. true true. i've been sleeping quite late recently.. around 6am++.. what to do.. holidays wad.. can't blame. =p close up sketch.. Does Christmas actually link with birthday? asked myself and by pin jia too.. haha. weird.. Anyway, 7 days to Christmas! Ho ho ho~ Gosh, time is flying literally.. .. 13 days left to 2009, seriously ! think back again, what have i done throughout the whole year? countless stuffs i did, and learned a lot too. gah~ what a year ! Oh well, I shall stop here now. should think hard of what to blog for the next post. =) tata~ enjoy your holidays guys! =D ciao~ sometimes, I'm just wondering who actually reads my blog.. hmmm..

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