Friday, December 5, 2008


Gosh.. I puked 11 times in a roll on Wednesday night till Thursday morning!
I, myself can't even believe that I can make it too. I wonder if I'm suffering from food poison, or stomach flu? hmm.. not sure. actually wanted to go visit doctor yesterday, but in the end I didn't cuz i slept the whole afternoon (yeap, I skipped class). It goes like this.. I had my dinner at around 5pm+.. then at 9pm+, my brain started to feel uneasy.. then feel like puking.. I tot I was having tension headache again.. but then after the 1st vomit.. i tried to drink water.. then puked again. after 10 mins like that, i puked again, again.. As my tummy very empty already, I went to ate toast bread to fill up a lil bit. then after 10 mins, I puked again. I tried a lot of things, like eating candy, drank tea and water to stop myself from puking. but failed. I puked everything that I put inside my mouth, for 10 times before i sleep. Hence, I decided to stop eating and drinking anything till I sleep, if not there will be no ending and I'll be seeing my very own stomach in the toilet bowl! I put on 'tiger balm' to keep my tummy warm and slept. when woke up in the morning, i thought I felt better after that cuz no more nauseous feeling. So, i drank a small cup of milo and water. BUT!! 15mins later, i puked again ! Fortunately, this is the very last time already. Planned to skip UT but I cant afford to. So after having UT, i went back home and slept for the whole afternoon. I didn't eat for the whole day until 4pm+, i ate fish soup. I kept drinking 100plus as it is an isotonic drink which can stabilize ur tummy. *learned new things. =) During the late evening, Pin Jia and Sen Ern came over to my place! yeap, we actually planned to meet Grace up at Orchard, but when we reached there, it was quite late for her to meet us up. So in the end never. too bad. Guess can only see her next year eh. =p
Ern vain-ing with jia's sunglasses. and I, vain-ing with my own sunglasses. =D
oh ya, I ate Burger King that nite! ( mmm kia si ah!! tummy's suffering and yet still eat burger king! ) ahha. no choice, cuz they wanna eat, so accompany them lo. After dinner, we walked and shopped around @ Orchard.
Christmas trees are displayed and lights are up, christmas songs are being played along the road and santa claus is about to come ! HOHOHO! My brother, jealous? HAHHA. =p come to Sg lo. Below are some of the photos that I took last time. @ Sentosa. @ AMK Hub. kids are playing with the fake snows. (bubbles and cotton, i think) 'i tot i saw a pussy cat~' @ Taka, Orchard.
Oh well, received a call from Dom juz now, said that he puked for 2 times during noon time. gosh, I think i'm suffering from stomach flu, as the research that i did said that stomach flu is contagious.. So, I think i've passed this illness to him. omg ! haha. need to know more about stomach flu? google it! =D first time man. well, feeling better now. Just that tummy very weak. even when I laugh also can feel the pain. btw, is this a way of slimming down? It's like cleaning my organs up and down, from the stomach to the oesophagus until empty. HAHA. not bad though, in a way. XD. LOSE WEIGHT ! ps: thanks a lot to those who really showed concern abt this. really appreciated it a lot. Friends are just too great ! =DD

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