Monday, December 29, 2008

Upside down

My life has turned into upside down, seriously. Ever since the start of the holiday, which is like two weeks ago, my routine has became like this:
- Sleep at 7am+ averagely, as in everyday. - Wake up at 4.30pm, everyday. - Dinner at around 8pm+ most of the time. - Supper every midnight at 2am+ without a miss! - Then sleep again at 7am+.
To be frank, I never failed to miss any of these routines! AHH! i'm mad.. and i think my body system has used to it already. Oh well, what to do? Blame the HOLIDAYS! I think I'll die early than usual. =X School will reopen soon in one week time. gosh~ damn fast man. Really have to treasure every single day, even though if it's a slacky day. When school reopen on 5th of Jan, I'll be having 3 weeks lessons only. Fortunately, I get to skip class during the 3rd week, as i'll be going back to Brunei to celebrate CNY, from 19th of Jan till 1st of April. School only starts holiday on 24th on Jan till 19th of April. Meaning, I'll be staying in Brunei for more or less 2 and a half month!! 72 freaking days ! -____- I wonder what am I going to do in Brunei with these 2 months plus.. =\ Hope there will be full of stuffs to keep me busy with or else i'll be bored to death! and I definitely will miss him like mad. =( hmmm.. Things that I probably can do in Brunei: - hanging out with friends, as usual. I need people to drive me out! muahaha. as most of my friends are 18 and above, which means that they are able to drive! haha. *yes, i'm talking about you! nah~ I'm not that bad, only if I have no transport, then I'll 'ma fan' you guys. =p - online at cafe or restaurant as I was told by my brother that my home internet sucks! - 100% that I have to do chores for my family, cook meals for them as my maid has already went back. - Sleep like there's no tomorrow! - maybe movie marathon, be it at home or cinema (at least it's cheaper than Singapore. =p) so why not? - I was wondering if I could get my driving test within 2months plus in Brunei or not. so that i can drive legally wherever and whenever I want. However, come to think of it, won't it be a waste if I learn it in Brunei, then when come back to Singapore, I have no car to drive? and I'm not sure whether I need to take driving test AGAIN if I need a Singapore license, instead of endorsing Brunei license to Singapore license (if endorsement of license is not allowed). If I really need to, might as well don't take it in Bru. Sigh.. one word, TROUBLESOME.
Anyway, just let it be then. When the time comes, I'll eventually know what to do right? Alright, till then. ta ta~ You're welcome to tag on my cbox to give me some comments about it. =) Gracia~

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