Sunday, August 10, 2008

rojak !

bzz bzz bzz bzz...*
oh well, kinda busy throughout the whole week, especially this weekends. will post according to photos alright. =D dun wanna be to worddie for this post. =)
6th of August, met up with Angeleen from Brunei and Sen Ern. and some ex-chms seniors too. wa, i never know that there are many ex-chms seniors in sg also le. XD. that nite was kinda like reunion thou. =) Angel and me. =D happy to meet her. on Thursday, we had an adventure learning programme. excited! This is the Adventure Learning Centre.
high huh. i love. XD. the safety thingy that we need to wear. night view. me. darrell. most of my classmates were confused with two of us. they said we look alike and are twins! omg.. totalld different can. XD. nick! hmpf~ disturbant! just like my brother, kacau non stop one. tsk tsk tsk. graduated from adventure learning! Sayang, didnt get to try everything. the obstacles that we tried were not challenging and exciting enuf. =( hope can get to try again next time. =D Yesterday, which was 9th of August, went to a fren's house to have steamboat feast. HAHA.
we went there by taxi. This taxi driver is super friendly lo. damn funny. i like this kind of taxi driver. Talk all the way to the destination. He even gave us discount for not charging us the so called oil fare thingy because we're from brunei. HAHA. how nice is he. =D good service. by the way, 9th of August is Singapore's national day. HAPPY 43rd BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! when we reached there, we talked and watched olympics. then went to gym to accompany the guys to work out and we girls were gossiping and and chatted a lot. =D we had steamboat dinner and the food was really good. XD. i like their family, they are nice and very friendly. made me think of my own family too. ='D. oh well, then we all watched National Day Parade live thru TV. HAHA. that was really nice. cool~ we then went in to the room to continue our lame-ness and talk. this cute lil dog, HAZEL was one of our entertainers yesterday nite! so damn cute can.. a very clever and emotional doggie.
see.. she will go and lean on someone's shoulder automatically de. so cute!! =p *blur. Well, short post. till here then. ta ta~ enjoy ur weekends and have fun too! =D huggies!

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