Saturday, August 30, 2008


ps: short post only. =D
bye brunei~
i'm back to SG! back to normal, again. household chores, study, independent, fun, unhealthy food [XD], crazy-ing, frens~! school gonna reopen soon, 3rd of september. need to wake up early, again.. -____- fun time is always that short! how come? i dun understand. sigh~ =\
lil bro is definitely missing me rite now! lonely ovethere huh? called and texted me always. how sweet. yesh, i miss u too. =') and not to forget, the paranoid mom too. i love u! please dun worry about me k, i'm always fine! =D and daddy too.
oh well, susan is a happy girl rite now! =DD HUGS ADDICTED! XD.

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