Sunday, August 3, 2008


oh well, nothing much to blog today. no idea at the moment. will just blog accordingly to the photos that i have in my phone. more on personal + picture post this time. =D

I-Star Singing Competition 2008, 21.07.2008.

She's the champion. MY DAUGHTER, Tiffany the crazy vietnamese housemate. =DD isn't she pretty?

the contestants.

Jason and Amelia's duet performance. They are the one who always go to brunei for RP's exhibition. still remember?

tiffany's flower, from her bf, after competition. so sweet. just took this flower as a victim of my phone to take picture. muahaha.

President of SG visited RP.

Students went to the field to cheer for him. haha. and i dunno wat's the point of it. oh ya, now i remember, to get points for one of their modules. HAHA.

performances for him. =]

the football field, at 2nd floor. cool huh?

crowd in school. =S

9th of August, is Singapore National Day, which is this coming saturday.. can see a lot of flags hanging everywhere. even our hostel too. -____-''' they just came in to our units and hanged the flags. we were like.. "wat the.. they just came in when we're having class in school? without permission?? no privacy lo. intruders! XD. "


vaining with reflection. XD. typical me.

concert in school. O.O

Gui Ping's BIG BIG stufftoy. *i love, i want* so big can.. almost half of my body size le. nice to hug when sleeping. =DD

Class W25Q, classmates.

Darrell. XD.

the BIG Syaz! he was vaining with my phone and set as my walpaper some more. funny la. HAHAHA!

thousand hands? HAHA. see how big is syaz over there. blocked everyone behind le. *those fingers were censored! XD.

greenie day! =D those boys are elly's favourite. haha.

those boys are lelong~ do re mi fa so la* which one do u want? XD!!

this is wat happen in the class, always. when we're tired and lazy. =X.

Dinner at Ichiban Sushi, just now. =DD

delicious!! yum! but still, i miss Brunei's escapade sushi so much!! omg.. cant wait to go back and eat.

orange smile~ omg, i'm spoiling my own reputation. haha. ugly. anyway, who cares~ =] an orange a day, keeps a doctor away~!

HAHAHA! i'm so hiddeous~ big smile for u all!

jia miin and gui ping. =)

oh well, that's all i guess. will blog soon if have time. =D enjoy and have a nice weekends! HUGGIES!

btw, "money not enough 2" movie is nice. must watch! =D

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