Monday, August 25, 2008


Hang Out Hang Out Hang Out!
yea, have been hanging out with friends these few days. well, picture post! Friday, 22nd August 2008.
yea, them. lovely friends. =D okay, let me explain. have you guys ever realise that whenever we walk around in the shopping centre, then after sometimes we have nowhere to go, everyone will like gather in a circle and start to chat around? haha. common habit. =X in a super mini k-box! squueeze and cheeese!! *blur. this is my first time hearing this VAIN GUY singing. muahahha. so cute la.. XD. then after that, i went to school to play netball. =DD weee~ rust already. din play for half year already. =S Saturday, 23rd August 2008. Hanged out with the girls too. watched wall-E @ cinema. nice movie. =D after that movie, everyone was like WAAALLL-EEEEE............ EEEEVVVVEEEEEEEEEE......... hahaha. ah.. vain vain in the toilet.. our tradition. HAHA! then, went to Swensens to have our dinner! group photo. XD. vain vain vain. jia and i! me and the chio bu. =D wee~ vain asses. us. love u all! =DD karen brought her paloroid camera.. or polaroid? haha. so confusing. anyway, she brought her special camera and took it. instant! and gave me! hugs karen. love it. =D after group phototaking, we then went to supermarket.. to buy veggies and meat.. HAHA.. nah, went there to lame!! XD. lame-d.. with utensils.. customers were looking at us when we're taking pics thou. haha. who cares! XD. solo~ okay, there are too much to post it up, might as well just put all together in one. hahha. enjoy! duet~ HAHAHA.. u guys are juz psychotic! watch too much wall-E already. XD. chop chop chop! future moms! later tat nite, went to meet ping and his family, last min. =D well, i think that's all. hope i didnt miss any of the photos. =D. 2 more days and i'm back to sg! =D

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