Monday, August 18, 2008


short post: i'm alone here, at mall, surfing net. HAHA. see. how bored am i. i don't know why, i'm so desperate to go online and so i asked my mom to drop me with my laptop off at Gadong after we went to HSBC bank to open an account. so here i am! XD. u guys might say : " online for a while nia, like this also shuang ah? " HAHA. who cares. i juz wanna go online. XD. neh~ i'm seriously addicted to blogging, internet, phone chatting ! freak! i dun mind being alone and throw me to dessert or alienated place, but provided that there muz be a laptop, handphone and aircond given to me! then i can survive with those. and not to forget, food too! HAHA. Oh well, had a dinner gathering at cousins' house yesterday nite. at the same time, celebrated my cousin's birthday! =D
home cooked dishes! d-e-l-i-cious! and that was a lot thou. XD. yum yum! cuzzy's birthday~ now let me introduce this.. this is...... my cat. -___- my brother claimed that she has been looking for me for this past six months.. haha. but i dont believe. XD. how can he know that this cat is looking for me without calling my name oh? haha. siao~ naughty cat, biting wires!! very naughty.. ! dun think that she looks innocent huh. kept disturbing me on the table when i was on phone with Dom yesterday nite. =p ahem! see! scratch my legs some more! tsk tsk tsk.. oh well~ till here then. =D tata~
haunt u! hope can get back to internet world as soon as possible. XD.

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