Tuesday, August 5, 2008


" .思念是一种病. si nian shi yi zhong bing. I'm seriously missing F5chms. No matter where u are, my dear fren, ure not forgotten. Hope everything's fine! *miss* =) love, wn13. "

Received this message from Winnie few minutes ago!! so touched. ='D i'm not forgotten*. =DD yes, winnie and everyone out there, i'm missing all of u too!! sob sob. you brought me back to our past and sweet memories. =)

we fight. but we love.

laughter with tears. ='D

omg! he's so talll~!

F5A 2007.BBQ gathering. love.

Fashion Show 2006. spotted?

muahaha! censored! see, how lame and funny we used to it. like this also can!! LMAO~



prom night 2007, those bunch of guys. suddenly miss you all de noise eh~ HAHA! there will never be peaceful if they exist. XD.

Prom night 2007. girls. =D

CHMS netball school teams. i miss. ='(

a pair of my hands were there~ HAHA!

after swimming at qilah's house. vainpot!

we enjoyed our school life's journey.. we hanged around, we played, we laughed, we crazy, we cried, we fooled, we studied, we relied, we enjoyed... all together.

you guys rock!! HUGGIES! i miss u all. ='D

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