Saturday, August 16, 2008


Seriously, I cannot survive without…

1. Internet access!

2. My mobile phone and sms-es!

3. Air-con!

Trip to JOHOR! - 2 days 2 nights...

13th August, Wednesday, we (me, Frances, Gui Ping and Jolin) went to Johor with our big big luggage. We all went there by bus. I tell u guys, it’s like.. OH MY GOSH! So many ppl man.. I was like, wat the heck! Everyone keep squeezing into the bus and wont let a girl who is carrying damn big luggage in! walao eh.. as if they will die if they can’t get into the bus asap! Tsk tsk tsk.. I seriously dun like this. It’s trying out my patient. Hmpf~ I will never go to johor with big luggage by bus le!

taken from car.johor. it's singapore!

Oh well, when we reached johor, Jolin’s auntie fetched us and brought us to everywhere. She’s very kind and generous. =D We really appreciate and thanked her for taking care of four of us when we’re in johor. Really had a wonderful journey though it was only 2 days 2 nights. But.. I hate travelling with illnesses. It sucks! =( Four girls living in a room at jolin’s grandparents house, cool~ first time, fun!

the four of us. =D tinks.

pretend to sleep, @ nite. XD.

the next day. in the early morning. =) lovely us. muahahha.

okay. we're ugly, without any make ups. =S vain when woke up in the early morning.

oh my...

a bottle of nestle yoghurt a day....

keeps you psycho the whole day! XD. dun kill me frances! hahaha.

Jolin's auntie brought us to Pulai Springs Resort. =DD

on the way to the resort..
here we are! XD.
in the gym. go frances! u can do it! hahaa.
nice view...
spa~ we wanted to go one, but then we left our swimming suits in sg. oh well.. =\ pretty~ us.
jolin's auntie and us. =) thanks!

Well, we saw a car’s window broken when we were on the way to pasar malam. a robbery case, again. wanted to take photo of it but dun dare. haha. gosh~ so scary la. can see that how dangerous can JB be. haha. well, Got lots of delicious food to eat but I couldn’t eat. =(

At jolin's auntie's house.. hey cute doggy! =D Auntie made these mini japanese mooncakes. so colourful and creative.

After 2 days and 2 nites..

Frances and I were just like crazy girls. we seriously cant live without internet lo! we were so desperate to go online when we're in johor. When we reach johor airport and done with the check-in thingy, we quickly settled down at coffee bean and started to take out our laptops and.... online! ahh~ heaven! muahahha. like drug addicted. hmm.. technology's fault! XD. lalala~ and someone out there, i read ur email already. thanks a lot! and same here. XD.

the day before we leave johor. vain ~

@ Senai Airport, Johor. and and, frances and my bags were overweighted. -___-''' we paid RM120+.. hahaha.

@ coffee bean!

ONLINE!! haha. heaven!

in the air asia aeroplane.. =DD gui ping and jolin~ us, again~ hehe.
you might be wondering, where am i going next? air asia some more rite?~ wahahha. oh well, next destination... BRUNEI!!! XDD! was so happy when meeting with family. i can see smiles on their faces~ ='D LONG TIME NO SEE! HAHA. well, went to excapade sushi yesterday nite. SUSHI!! i seriously miss excapade's sushi lo~ muahaha.
mummy is so cute. she kept few kampung eggs ( our self-reared chickens laid one) for me and hide it to prevent my dad from eating it. haha! thanks mom! love u! =D ps: Dom, you need this for ur body building. HAHA! lala~ but i ate it. muahaha. XD. sushi!! XDD! sushis in big basket! had dinner @ excapade sushi with family and relatives.
big fat naughty boy! muahaha. went to CHEEZBOX restaurant to meet my sisters this afternun.. haha. gave them surprise thou. XD. cuz some of them idnt know that i'm back. karen's and eelynn's reactions are the funniest one! HAHAHA! a photo to prove that i'm here. said winnie. after that, we kept talking and vain-ing. camera! jia took this. her fav. =D judy said it looks like boobs! hahaha. remind me of jane. =p judy and i~ pin jia~ winnie and i. so chio la her! hahaha. okay ignor my eyebags. i know it's hiddeous.. =X they were vaining with my phone. haha. the peepz. after that, we went to arcade. haha. play! they are jus crazy as they are! love them lots! and grace, mana u? HAHA. XD. oh well, think that's all for the moment. will try to blog soon. but, i hardly can go online la. internet sucks here. =( who have brunet unlimited password? please give me!! thanks a lot. XD. muhahaha. btw, will be leaving to singapore on 27th august again thou.. =) 10 more days...

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