Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese watery new year

First of all, HAPPY CHINESE MOO YEAR! However, it was a very watery new year though. Rained heavily again, and flood too! We are now stuck at cousins' house and couldn't go back. Therefore, we got no choice but to stay over. *sigh~ what a year..*
Fortunately, the rain stopped when it was almost 12am. phew~ All of us thought we're gonna miss the firework session because of that. One of the long crackers stopped half way because accidentally soaked in water. -____- wasted.
Neighbours did not lose out during the firework session too! =D
like somekind of explosion. Was kinda deaf for half an hour. =S
After that, we went to the road out there.. or should I say, river-like road? It looked like this after hours of downpours.
We, the kepo people, were kinda excited for no reason. walked around on the road which filled with dirty water (mixture of mud, shit, drain water and watever u can think of =p)
and it stinks i tell you!
Does it look like a river to you?
drain & road = same! can't even differentiate anymore.
okay, ignore my fat thighs, the water literally covered up my ankles and almost reached my knees! Gee.. what a year huh.

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