Sunday, January 25, 2009


Few more hours to Chinese New Year.. Relatives and family are preparing for reunion dinner.. There will be fireworks when the clock strikes 12am, as usual. Wishes will be floating around in air too. Most of all, RED PACKETS! =D Well, for some reasons, this new year doesn't seem special to me though. Reunion? I doubt so. Feel complicated now.. My mind and heart are fighting against each other.. Sometimes, i always question myself : why do I have to suffer from this? why me? It makes no different whether I'm having you or not. exist = not exist at all Guess that's my luck.. When i was small, I thought you were my superman, just like others have theirs, rescue us whenever we have problems, accompany us when we're alone, support us when we need you.. However.. it doesn't seem to happen like what i wish for. Even if it is just a tiny simple thing, you disappointed us, everytime.. Now, I don't wish to have anything from you anymore, just hope you won't worsen it. That's all. Anyway, since I'm here already, just forget about it and treat it as invisible. What to do, just tolerate some more lo, since I've tolerated it for years, or probably a decade already? Time just passed subconsciously.. Somehow, guess I should be thankful and appreciate what I'm having right now, as it taught me how to live life meaningfully, look things in a different way and not to take things for granted. Furthermore, became a stronger person too! And I swear I won't follow the same path as they are having right now, instead, I will try to make it even better no matter what! cross my heart and hope to die! Slowly, step by step and walking towards my dream life.. --------------------
ANYWAY, not to spoil my CNY mood, I'm here to wish everyone
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! may all of you have a great year ahead and enjoy! =D

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