Saturday, January 3, 2009


Third day of the very new year and my very first post of the year! How did you guys celebrate your new year? fireworks? BBQ? clubbing? party? countdown? sure you guys enjoyed a lot huh. Me? nah~ I did nothing but reading my book in welcoming the new year. Perhaps, it is the first time that I didn't celebrate with my family, and my first time for not counting down at this such day. Usually, it's my tradition to countdown every single important day like Christmas, new year, birthday, Chinese new year and so on. And that is why, i felt awkward, very, by just letting my christmas and new year eve 'tick tock tick tock' at 12am just like that! To me, I used to think it's quite important to wait and stare at the clock for 12am's arrival and squeal out "HAPPY NEW YEAR!", "MERRY CHRISTMAS!", "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!" to everyone! But now, I came to learn that, it's just a normal day, another day of your ordinary life only. Especially when your life changes over time, you tend to focus and move your priority to other even more important things, instead of sticking back to the useless and worthless things. 'won't die la even if no celebrations and countdown! doesn't mean that people celebrate, you too have to celebrate rite?' convinced myself with this when feel disappointed. Yes, there are certain things in your life that you don't need to bother about it, or even pay too much attention to it. And, you don't have to follow the majority too. For instance, whatever most of the people like it, owned it, follow it, you don't have to follow too; just be yourself and do what you can do and capable of, that's all. and Do not influenced by bad people! I repeat, do not influenced by bad people. The most important thing is that, stand strong with your own position and make sure you yourself will not bring problems to yourself, or cause any troubles to other people too. =) oh my~ I soound so mummy and lecturer, talking about all these appreciations and life thingy. This is because, I super duper and DAMN f*cking (please mind my language k, this means that my patience has reached beyond its limit already) hate people who DO NOT appreciate their life and what they are having right now, especially when their parents are trying their best to support them. The worst is, they help their parents by destroying and worsen their own lifes. wat the heck?! Super rebellious and inconsiderate! *can't you just stand strong at your own position and don't be influenced by those freaking no-class, useless and uneducated people?* gosh~ freaking no brain to think about the consequences before doing anything else. *gulped in full mouth of water to calm myself down* What is so good about putting yourself on top of the eggshells? there is safe and prepared way for you to go, but you chose to be like this. sigh~ Anyway, I shall stop nagging about this in case my blood pressure rises. HAHA. For those who are reading this, and happen to fall under this "rebellious and inconsiderate" human category, please lock yourself in your room and reflect on your own, think what you have done and what you have did good (as in literally good) in your life, and what you should do next. No one can help you unless YOU help yourself first. meaning? advice given but don't take it seriously, might as well don't give you. People are trying to help, but if you refuse to take it, it's pointless too. That's why you have to change your mindset and accept. Or else, everything will be back to zero again. Okay, fullstop. End of this. =D *a big smile showed on face from ear to ear* what a lecture-y post to be the first post of 2009. -___-
update: Yeap yeap, I just bought 3-in-1 Dave Pezler's book today and i'm reading the second part now. Actually, reading isn't that bad though, as i used to think that reading is boring and waste of time. But this time, I proved myself wrong. haha. and I think i'm addicted to it already! =D Anyway, it's good in a sense that i can improve my english by reading too. See, one bird kills two stones.. EH! i mean one stone kills two birds! HAHAHA!

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