Thursday, January 15, 2009


Skipping class is DAMN addictive! and contagious too! Once you skipped once, you will feel like skipping the next day again. =| Person A: Ehh.. I feel like 'pon' eh today.. ( is a short form of 'ponteng', which is commonly used by ppl in singapore. means skipping class) shouting out in the class, while slacking.. Person B: Yea lo yea lo.. me too!! sigh~ no mood to stay le.. Person C: Me three me three! ba, let's go! packed bag and leave.. Gosh, it's really ADDICTIVE, CONTAGIOUS and I mean it! haha. and I'm one of them too actually. lalala~ I've been skipping class these few days. I got no mood already, seriously. Brain totally shut down and don't even feel like brainstorming. Sorry to those who are in my team. -____- As time goes by, I can't be bothered with my daily grades as well. CHAM! which means that, my GPA gonna drop! =( sigh~ no choice, have to 'qiong' in year 2 already, in order to pull up my GPA. sigh~ jia you ba! feel so guilty... =( It's Thursday today and I haven't pack my bag yet. still early, no? And I haven't buy any food back home as well. Gotta speed up everything so that no last-minute work and rush! well, only know how to say, I don't think I'll change this habit for I'm a procrastinator! Oh ya, I had a video interviewing session today, which will be shown in RP education seminar in overseas. It was okay though, except for the NGs part. =) For your information, RP will be going to Brunei to have seminars about further studies in Republic Polytechnic on 1st of February. For those Brunei people who are interested, feel free to contact me and I'll give you more details about it. =D that's all.

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