Tuesday, January 13, 2009

mentally disordered

I'm emotionally affected at the moment. I think I'm suffering from paranoiac, seriously. Have been thinking a lot of stuffs recently and I can't stop my mind! Urgh! sometimes I feel like digging a hole and bury myself in it forever, heck care everything. I wonder if I'll suffer from split personality in future or not. =\ How I wish I have the power to control everything and everything will be under my hand, yes, my hand! I can do whatever I like, go wherever I want and not being controlled by certain things. Sigh~ think my white hairs will grow very soon.. >=(
I hate myself..
Alright, change topic! Yesterday I bladed first time in my whole life! haha~ sound so 'sakai' but it was quite fun. However, I always suffer from the-feeling-of-falling whenever I try to move. -____- I almost fall a lot of times of luckily was grabbed by dom. -__-''' damn embarrassing when people passed by. It's not that easy as I thought when I saw people blading. Even bicycle is more easier than blading la! below is the video that I uploaded in facebook. Take a look and laugh as much as u want. =p I looked clumsy and stupid. I love roller blading, only when I can blade as fast as I can, i can feel the wind in the air. =) but, i sweated a lot that day. =\ ps: You have to tilt your head to the left in order to watch the video. =) sorry for the inconvenient caused. =p

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