Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my thoughts

2 more weeks and I'll be back to Brunei!
3 more weeks and it's gonna be Chinese New Year! Gosh, time doesn't fly, it teleports I tell you!! "Is our pace too slow, or time just can't wait to be reincarnated?" HAHA! anyway, I have no mood to study right now. totally in a SLACKY situation! still in a holiday mood, even though I had nothing much to do during holidays. guess what? I'm blogging in class! XD. I realized that my recent posts are mostly personal one nowadays, and wordy too, which i do not really wish it to be, cuz scare that some of the readers might not like it. Anyway, should appreciate that cuz I only blog when i got inspiration and time (as it's hard for me to have these two things with me sometimes) and also, when i feel like to. XD. *slap me!* Oh yea, remember that I mentioned before about my stay in Brunei from 19th Jan to 1st April? I'm thinking of coming back earlier than that. maybe mid of March? =D Reason: Due to RP's International Student Club's Assimiliation Program(AP) 2009, I'm one of the helpers of AP, therefore, I need to be back early as there will be meetings and arrangements that I have to attend in March. -------- Think if I change the date of the flight, i need to pay extra $. FYI, the flight that i take is Airasia. Does anyone know how much I should pay for it? and is it very troublesome? For those who know it, can msn me or tag me. I need info. =) thanks. Haven't tell my mom yet, and I wonder what will she think. hmmm.. For sure she will tease me with this : "wa, want to go back so early.. don't miss home already la, don't want us already la.. don't want Brunei le la~" then followed by my bro, nodding his head up and down behind." RAWR! It's not like that de lo.. I have reason neh~ Of cuz I do miss everyone overthere! =D alright, shall stop here. Else, it's gonna be an essay writing. will update u guys soon. =) ta ta~

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